Pom-Clem Fizz

When it's chilly out, I usually turn to Nutella hot chocolate or tea. But you know what's really good at warming you up? Alcohol. I still remember in college, my friends and I getting ready for a night out by "pre-gaming" in our apartment, not only to save money but also to get ready for the chilly outdoors. We all thought coat checks were bullsh*t and a total waste of money so we'd load up on liquor so that we could brave the night air without our jackets.

These days, I'm not quite as tacky because let's face it, I'm just too old for that now. But, in a similar vein, in order to save money on heating bills, I pile on layers of clothes and sip on a nightcap to warm up. Today's cocktail is delicious and seasonal, as it incorporates my two favorite winter fruits: pomegranate and clementine. And, I love the celebratory feel of this cocktail, which is totally appropriate because I am celebrating today. Well, I'm celebrating the fact that I'm about to board a plane to Phoenix to enjoy some time with my friend and revel in nature and sunshine. I'm really craving some Vitamin D right now.
Ingredients [for one]:
1 oz. pomegranate juice (I just seeded a pomegranate and muddled the juice out)
1 oz. clementine juice
1 teaspoon agave nectar
1.5 oz. white rum
3 oz. fizzy water or sparkling cider
pomegranate seeds and clementine slice for garnish

Start by adding the pomegranate juice and clementine juice to a shaker. I used fresh clementine seeds and used a muddler to smash the juice out of the seeds.
Drizzle in a little agave nectar and stir to combine.
Add the rum and ice and give the cocktail a good shake until chilled.
Use a strainer and pour the shaken cocktail into a glass and then top with fizzy water.
Garnish the glass with a clementine slice and pomegranate seeds and enjoy! Isn't it gorgeous? I think this would make an amazing brunch cocktail. It would be easy enough to make a pitcher of this and serve in the center of the table.
This might be my new favorite cocktail. It's super fresh and bright and the agave nectar disguises the alcohol taste, which makes this really dangerous. Cheers!