What I Ate: Chicken Sujebi

Happy Birthday to my baby sister! And what more appropriate dish to post than a soup? Soup season is officially here and M is probably the happiest about it; whenever she was served a bowl of soup when she was younger, she'd just sip out all of the broth and leave all the solid ingredients behind.

I've been absolutely loving my French oven (that I found at Christmas Tree Shops for $30) and it's been put to good use several times already. When the weather starts to go a bit colder, I love making Korean chicken soups. Dahk jook is a favorite but at the end of winter last year, we got really into chicken kalguksu and I think this year, I'm going to be loving sujebi.
Sujebi is great because it's so easy to make the noodles. And, I've made it even easier by rolling out the dough a big beforehand and then tearing it off in big chunks.

I love the way that the dough transforms. It starts off as a goopy batter, then a floury mess, then a clumpy pile, then a spiky dough ball, and then finally, a smooth and beautiful dough ball.
So like I mentioned, I've been rolling the dough out to make it much easier and quicker to form the sujebi noodles.
The soup is a bit of a pain to make, mostly because it takes time and then you've got to shred the chicken. But, I've been making it a few days ahead and then chucking it in the fridge and just pulling it out when I want to eat it.


  1. This looks sooo good! It needs to cool down a bit because I'm so ready for soup weather.


    1. Yes, even when it was still a bit warm a couple of weeks ago, I still made soup because autumn just puts me in that mood (even if the weather isn't following suit).


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