What I Ate: Spicy Chili

Every Saturday morning, my sister and I get up and go grocery shopping. It's part of our weekly routine. On this particular morning, as we were in the protein section stocking up on chicken and beef, my sister declared that we should make chili (re: I should make chili). So, I grabbed a package of ground beef and a package of ground pork and planned on making chili that would cook long and slow with the intention of eating it the next day.

Fast forward an hour and we were scooping generous bowls for ourselves, smacking our lips obnoxiously. What can I say? We just couldn't wait.

I used my spicy chili recipe but tweaked it ever so slightly by using salt pork (instead of bacon), adding in a poblano pepper, and using half pork and half ground beef. Oh, I also omitted the crushed tomatoes and just used two cans of diced tomatoes instead. And, of course, instead of normal chili powder, I used ancho chili powder; that stuff is so good I'll never go back to regular chili powder. Maybe with all of these substitutions I should have made a whole new recipe page but to be fair, I think that every time I make chili, it's slightly different and I don't think having 309841390 recipe pages for slightly different chili recipes is all that practical.
I'm so happy that I have a serving in my lunchbox right now, otherwise, I'd be so annoyed whilst putting together this post.

Look at that luscious chili, would ya?! It's thick and full of vegetables and meat and beans and it's so good. The best part - for a family of spice lovers - is that it just gets spicier and yummier with time.
Unfortunately, we didn't have any fresh cilantro in the house. But, luckily, we had some mini cornbread muffins lying around which was a perfect little accompaniment to the chili and almost made up for the lack of cilantro.