Mini Checkerboard Cake

In theme with this week's pre-Halloween fun, I'm sharing another sweet treat today.

I've recently become pretty obsessed with How to Cake It. Yo is hilarious, charming, and crazy talented. I basically binge-watched her entire novelty cake video repertoire and it made me want to make pretty cakes and it made me want to eat pretty cakes.
I used my white cake recipe (and halved it) and flavored half of the batter with a little cocoa powder and heavy cream and made a checkerboard cake.

I poured the batter into four mini 4" pans.
And I made a little ganache to fill the insides.
The cakes were leveled after they were cooled (and I ate all of the cake scraps then and there) and then I used a few biscuit cutters and a heart cutter to make the checkerboard pattern. I mainly used the heart because I didn't have a tiny circle cutter but it did look pretty for a few minutes before it got slathered in ganache.
For the outside, I coated the outside of the cake in fluffy sweetened whippedcream.
Isn't this the sweetest little mini cake ever?
Look at how cool!


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