What I Ate: Spicy Chili Dogs

In our house, we can never make spicy chili without making some spicy chili cheese dogs. So, along with yesterday's chili, we toasted up some bread, grilled a few hot dogs, diced up tomatoes, red onion, pickles, and avocado, grated some cheese, and made a little make-your-own chili dog feast for dinner.
A couple of weeks ago, my sister found a block of habanero cheese in the dairy section at our store and we've fallen in love. It's super spicy and perfect for us. So, honestly, I've been looking for ways to use it (beyond just nachos and tacos) and this was a perfect application.

Instead of actual hot dog buns, I bought these little rolls, which I thought were mini buns but turned out to be regular dinner rolls. They sliced up easily though, and ended up being the perfect size for the hot dogs. There wasn't an excess amount of dog flopped over the sides, nor was there any excess bun. Is there anything worse than biting into a hot dog and only getting a big mouthful of bun?! (Yes, there are plenty of worse things but isn't hyperbole a fantastic literary device?)
I like to assemble my chili cheese dogs by slapping on a frank, sprinkling on some cheese, nestling on a good scoop of chili, sprinkling on more cheese, and then topping with diced tomatoes, diced pickles, diced red onion, and a little avocado.
I'm not one to enjoy messy foods usually, but this is so worth ignoring my annoying OCD pangs for. I love the snap of a grilled and blistered hot dog, the meaty and spicy chili, the melty cheese, the fresh toppings - it's all just the perfect meal and I kind of wish this is what I was shoveling into my stomach this morning instead of my green smoothie. If only spinach tasted like hot dogs, right?


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