What I Ate: Moroccan Eggs

My sister says that she hates when I blog meals because it "takes forever" and she's "bleeping hungry" and she "is dying and needs to eat right now." But then I tell her that without the blog, I'd have much less motivation to venture out of my comfort zone (which is basically cooking burgers and soon tofu jjigae) and she wouldn't get to try so many new (and usually delicious) foods. I guess it's a Catch-22.

Usually at dinner time, it's not as big of a deal because she gets home an hour after I do so by that time, I'm almost done cooking and just snapping photos of the final product. However, on the weekends when I'm whipping up breakfast, she sits on her designated barstool whining until she has food in her mouth.

Such was the case with these Moroccan eggs (a.k.a. shakshuka). I hadn't made this dish in a while and seeing as we conveniently had all of the ingredients on hand, I got to chopping vegetables and got myself ready to hear a barrage of hunger complaints from M.
I followed the gist of my original recipe except I also added in some chopped up kielbasa (because we had it and why not?) and upped the egg count, seeing as my sister is a champion eater and I knew I needed a little more substance. We also had an avocado about to go off so I chopped up half and sprinkled it on top and it was an awesome extra that added a nice creamy textural component. One last deviation from my old post is the use of pita chips. We didn't have any bread on hand but we had a bunch of homemade flatbread pitas in the fridge (from my recent hummus obsession) so I toasted them up into chips with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. And, I actually loved the pita chips more than toasted bread because it just added to that Moroccan vibe.

Knowing the chips would take the longest, I got those out of the way first.
Honestly, the best part of making shakshuka is that you only dirty up one little pan (in addition to your knife and cutting board).
Everything gets chopped up and tossed in and cooked in the right order and you end up with this amazing little pan of deliciousness. Plus, I love how flexible it is. You could certainly use tinned tomatoes, leave out the meat if you have dietary restrictions, add in more or less spice; it's super customizable.
Honestly, breakfast doesn't get much better than this; actually, lunch and dinner don't get much better than this either. It's like a Moroccan breakfast nacho. It's super flavorful, satisfying, and beautiful to look at.