Providenciales Part 7: Da Conch Shack

This is my last Providenciales post, for this trip at least. I'm sure I'll have more reviews after my next trip. Yes, I plan on going again.
If you ever talk to anyone who's been to Turks & Caicos, I'm 99% sure that they will mention Da Conch Shack. I mean, I went there on my first trip, I went there again this time around, and I'm pretty sure I'll go there again when I head back to TCI. I told you! I plan on going again.

You might be wondering what's so great about this place that it's worth the drive. Well, for one, you sit outside and stare at this view while you get drunk on rum punch, so there's that.
Speaking of getting drunk on rum punch, they have rum punch. That's the second reason for heading over.
If you're smart, you'll order a pitcher. It'll come striped and then your server will mess up the stripes with a bundle of straws before pouring everyone a generous portion.
Third reason for coming back is the charm. This place is so adorable. The picnic table are painted different shades of blue, the patios are painted turquoise, there are accents of pink to mimic the inside of a conch shell; it's just adorable all around.
If those three reasons aren't enough, you can dip your toes in the water while you wait and you can enjoy nature. For example, I chased these birds down the beach.
And, I chased this pelican down the beach also.
The best reason though, is the food. We had the conch sampler last time and though most of it was good, we thought the cracked conch was the champion and star so this time around, we got two orders of cracked conch - one with plantains and one with fries - and an order of jerk ribs with coleslaw. Every plate came with peas & rice, which is like dirty rice and beans. It's delicious. This was a really satisfying meal.
If you haven't had conch before, I would compare it to a cross between squid and snail and shrimp. It's slightly chewy, really mild in flavor, and is amazing when it's breaded.
I was also surprised but not surprised at the ribs. I mean, Caribbean chefs really know how to jerk season meats and this stuff was falling off the bone. It was great.
And let me remind you, that as you're stuffing your face, whenever you come up for air, you see this:
And it makes you feel like this:
And it makes you feel like this too:
And a little bit like this:
I mean, take a look! It's beautiful, right?
Head down to TCI and hit up Da Conch Shack. You won't be sorry.


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