Providenciales Part 6: Magnolia's

If you're looking for a dinner with a view but you're not into being right on the sand, then Magnolia's is where you need to go.
It's located in Turtle Cove and you've got to climb a big hill to get there.

You can email or call to make reservations and then they ask you to call again on the day of your reservation just to confirm. I hypothesized that they might've been burned by some no-shows one too many times.
The view is super lovely. If you can, try and make it there before sunset and enjoy the glowing ambient light.
The menu is pretty impressive, I have to say. And the dessert's also listed right on the last page of the menu so that you can read it and get excited before you've even gotten your entree.
The ambiance is gorgeous and quaint. If you can, get a seat outside.
We were given a basket of homemade bread to start. I absolutely loved it. It was chewy with a crispy crust.
For our starter, we opted for the tuna tartare. It was lightly seasoned with soy sauce and just a hint of sesame oil. It was just enough to make an impression but not enough to overpower the tuna.
For her main, my sister got the special fish of the day, which was a grouper. It was well seasoned, flaky, and perfect. It was served with a super fresh cucumber and melon salsa.
Papa got the parmesan crusted chicken with a roasted red pepper sauce. It was perfectly cooked and surprisingly moist and the crust was lovely and crunchy.
For my main, I had the braised pork belly. It was crazy tender and had the loveliest savory sauce on it. I fell in love. I could've eaten seven plates of the stuff.
For dessert, we got the banoffee. The crust was super thick and crunchy and it was topped with just the right amount of banana, cream, and caramel sauce.
I tried my best to get some photos of the stars by decreasing my shutter speed but I also managed to brighten every other light. Oh well! The view was just as beautiful at the end of our dinner and we raced on "home" to get our fill of Netflix and sleep before another "busy" beach day.


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