Providenciales Part 5: The Patty Place

Dinners in Turks & Caicos are an elaborate process at fancy, expensive restaurants. But lunch? Lunch is when you can eat like the locals do at tiny little eateries.

I had my heart set on going to The Patty Place at The Petite Place just past the Ports of Call in Grace Bay. However, upon arriving there, we found out that they were closed and the staff was on vacation until the day after we were leaving. Luckily for us, the downtown location was still open and running.

It's right by the airport and it's a simple little restaurant.
There are multiple patty fillings and they're super affordable. They're $3 each but for beef, they do a special that's two for $5.
The service is lightning fast. You can just grab your patties and take a seat at a stool and chow down while reading these cute little signs that tell you how to discover if you're Jamaican.
These patties totally hit the spot. So much so that we went and bought a bag of eight for our flight home.
The crust is flaky and crisp on the outside and the filling is spiced deliciously. It's seriously a treat.
And then, for dessert we had giant ice cream cones. These things were massive and they were only $2.50 each.
Seriously, hit up The Patty Place. You will not regret it.


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