Providenciales Part 4: Giggles Ice Cream

You can't hang out on an 80+ degree beach without craving a cold dessert.
Because we were visiting during the off season, several eateries had closed up shop. I mean, can you blame them? Everyone needs a vacation here and there.

So, we headed to the front desk of our hotel to ask if they knew if there was an ice cream place that was open. They directed us to Giggles in the Ports of Call.

We hopped in our rental car and drove through town and ended up at this cute and colorful place. Giggles is located in the same plaza as Jimmy's Dive Bar. When you happen upon these green and orange buildings, you'll know you're in the right place.
If you're like us, you won't mind the pirates. If you leave them alone, they won't bother you.
In fact, you'll even try and help them with their chores.
Anyway, Giggles usually has 8+ ice cream flavors at the ready.
They've also got several options for cones and cups.
I got the dulce de leche ice cream. It was rich and sweet and caramelly.
Baby sister got classic vanilla with rainbow sprinkles.
We decided to sit outside to enjoy our treats. Ice cream always tastes best when it's being used as a method to cool down.
We finished our cones and we were on our way but we must have broken some unspoken pirate rule because all of a sudden, we'd been thrown into the stocks. I'm totally kidding, we were there by choice.
See? Look at how happy we are to be imprisoned.
Seriously though, if you've got any sense of humor or you're toting kids with you on vacation, this is definitely the place to go if you want a treat.



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