Turkish Travels, Nightlife and Hangovers

We decided to go dancing on the weekend so Friday night we went out to dinner and then headed to Supperclub. For dinner we ate at Cezayir, which was a really cute place. It's half outdoors, half indoors and the tables outside are surrounded by trees and cats roam free. It definitely had a fantasy/Alice in Wonderland vibe to it.

We were given little round rolls to start with and we each decided to have a glass of the house white wine. The wine wasn't fantastic but I didn't mind drinking it. For our entrees, I had pasta with sea bass, salmon, tomatoes, and basil while D had bacon carbonara. Both were decent and satisfying. For dessert we had this fudgy, chocolatey torte. It was super rich but not too heavy.
Afterwards, we took a taxi to Supperclub, which is kind of like Pacha in that it has locations all over the globe. The Turkish nightlife experience was v. different. Drinks were incredibly strong - even cocktails meant to taste sweet and gentle (like a mojito, for example) would kick you in the face with its alcoholic pungency. There were some DJs spinning fun music but no one was dancing! It was super strange. However, D and I danced and had fun.
The morning after, however, was not a pretty sight. Those strong drinks did kick us in the butts so we needed some really comforting hangover food. After a bit of internet research, we found a Korean restaurant within walking distance of the hotel called Seoul Jeong Restaurant. We headed over and indulged in the food we know best. I had ramen while D had yukhaejang. It definitely hit the spot and pulled us out of our funk so that we could go and explore the city some more.