Turkish Travels, Cappadocia

On our fifth day in Turkey, we took a day trip out to the Cappadocia region - think cave hotels. For breakfast, we had chicken nuggets and curly fries at Arby's and some desserts from Hafiz Mustafa (bought the evening before). I actually ended up having an allergic reaction to one of the baklava pieces - I believe there were peanuts in them even though I was told it was made with hazelnuts. Thank goodness my allergy isn't fatal!
Once we arrived in Cappadocia, we took a shuttle to the town we were going to explore, Göreme. We were feeling hungry so we went and got lunch at Kale Terasse. I had the "beef with vegetables cooked in a pot" while D had "chicken with vegetables cooked in a pot." The dish came with rice and a salad and they gave us some pita bread on the side as well. The food was fabulous! Probably the best Turkish meal I had the whole time I was abroad.
Later in the afternoon, after we explored the Open Air Museum, I was feeling peckish so while D indulged in some cookies and tea, I had the kebab dish that's cooked in a clay pot. They bring this enclosed clay pot to your table and crack it open; it's really cool. The kebab wasn't as delicious as what I'd had for lunch but it was still really yummy. Plus, that whole thing with cracking the pot open was fun.