Fish is Brain Food

Sometimes after weeks of indulging in my cravings for fries, cholesterol-filled lobster, and decadent desserts, my body needs to recover by eating something a little more waist-friendly (but still delicious, of course). I haven't done much posting on fish - in fact, the only post I can think of is my mushroom risotto which I made with some baked tilapia. But that has got to change because I love fish because 1) it's so delicious and 2) it can offer some major health benefits.
Broccolini (from a previous post), tilapia seasoned with salt and pepper and lemon, wild rice made with butter and chicken stock
My mom ate tons of fish when she was pregnant with me and I've loved fish since the beginning of (my) time, even as a kid. I always say that it's brain food and that's why I was so smart when I was younger. Proof? I started speaking before my first birthday - I mean full sentences - in fact, I used to freak out my relatives; they thought it was creepy that I was so small, yet talkative. I memorized dozens of my bedtime books (The Poky Little Puppy was one of my favorites) so I'd pretend to be reading (and again, freak out my relatives) but I'd also catch my dad trying to skip past a few pages and skimping on story time! And as a two-year old, I was strong enough to lift giant metal containers filled with kimchee. I'd drag it from the kitchen so that I could sit on it while watching television - I don't know why. Anyway, my point is that fish makes you smart, helps your memory, and makes you strong!

As of late, I find my memory to not be as sharp as it used to be (I blame it on a combination of my love of wine and no longer being in school and actively using my brain for learning) and I'm a klutz and I break bones/sprain muscles rather easily. So I think I need to eat more fish this year and come up with some good recipes.


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