What I Ate: Memorial Day Weekend

I know Memorial Day weekend was last weekend but I wasn't quick enough or smooth enough to share my meals immediately after the weekend. I still wanted to share what we ate because we had some really good summery stuff. I'm sharing three grilled meals that were super delicious and a perfect kickoff to the season.
We started with stacked burgers on Saturday night.

I made a batch of brioche buns because a stacked burger isn't stacked unless it's on a delicious homemade bun.
On Sunday, I made grilled ribs. At the store, a humongous value pack of spare ribs was on sale so I made a double batch of spice seasoning and massaged it into the ribs and let it marinate overnight.
I slow cooked the ribs on a low heat grill for about two hours before ripping off the foil and letting them get some color.
I also made some barbecue sauce. I should maybe do a recipe post for this sauce soon because it's good. Basically, it starts with onions, garlic, and jalapeno peppers that are sweated and caramelized. Then, I add ketchup, Worcestershire, dijon mustard, brown sugar, red wine vinegar, and molasses. It's a sweet and spicy sauce. It's so good.
These ribs were falling-off-the-bone good.
We had the ribs with rice pilaf and brussels sprouts roasted on the grill with bacon bits.
On Monday, we had steak with chimichurri. Our food processor is on the fritz and I've been too lazy to open the new one we bought so I made the chimichurri by hand using my little herb chopper.
The skirt steak in the store looked sad and not so delicious so we picked up this awesome porterhouse instead.
And the steak was served up family style with spinach & garlic rice and grilled poblano peppers. Oh, and we also had a salad for good measure.
I also made a lot of other delicious meals - including a refreshing cocktail and a new ice cream flavor - that I'll be sharing recipes for soon so come back for that!



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