Watermelon Hors D'Oeuvres

Savory watermelon preparations used to creep me out. But, once I fell in love with watermelon and feta salads, I've been all about finding ways to enjoy watermelon for dinner.

Since we're in the thick of summer and it's all about picnics and parties in the backyard, I was thinking about pretty party food and I came up with these really simple but super delicious starters.
watermelon balls, cut in half
fresh mozzarella, bocconcini cut in half
basil leaves

watermelon balls
cilantro leaves
jalapeno slices

watermelon balls
mint leaves
cucumber slices
feta crumbles

+ toothpicks

Do I even have to explain? Basically, you grab the ingredients and skewer them onto a toothpick and serve. The watermelon adds a brightness and a freshness that really screams summer.
The Italian melon bite is awesome because the soft mozzarella contrasts nicely with the crunchy watermelon and the sweetness of the basil complements the sweetness of the melon.
The Mexican melon bite has an awesome kick from the jalapeno. Plus, cilantro and watermelon are a delicious combination.
The Greek melon bite is the boldest. The feta is deliciously salty, the mint is bright, and melon and cucumber are natural buddies.
Might I suggest serving these at your Independence Day party next weekend?