Tostones & Grilled Chicken

When I was in Philly a few weeks ago, we went to this awesome Mexican restaurant and I ordered this amazing grilled chicken dish. For dinner a few nights ago, we'd planned on making salsa chicken but we didn't have any cheese so I thought I'd try and remake that awesome grilled chicken. While grabbing some ingredients out of the fridge, I also found a plantain that my sister had bought so I made some tostones.
green plantains
olive oil

dipping sauce
1/4 cup sour cream
1 tablespoon adobo sauce (from canned chipotles)

Plantains are like super sturdy bananas so peeling them can be kind of annoying, especially when they're green and not yet ripe. The best way to do it is to score the skin all over so you can kind of chip and peel it.
Slice the plantain into ¼" thick slices.
Heat a heavy skillet over medium high and add enough oil to coat the bottom.
When the pan is hot and the oil is smoking, lay the plantain slices in a single layer.
Fry the plantains for about three minutes on each side or until they start to turn golden brown.
Place the slices on a board and smash them until they're flattened.
Fry the tostones a second time until they're toasted and crisp and then season with salt.
To make the dipping sauce, just stir together some sour cream and spicy adobo sauce.
And that's it. Serve them up! The tostones are super crisp and delicious. They're like french fries but less guilt-inducing and the tangy and spicy sauce is a nice contrast that brightens up the fried chips.
To make the chicken, I used a meat pounder to flatten some chicken thighs, seasoned each side with a little salt and pepper, and then cooked them on a super hot grill.
The chicken turned out really delicious and the grilled jalapenos were so good even though they were unbearably spicy.
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