When I get home after work. I like to be as comfortable as possible so I always change into stretchy pants and a soft T or a billowy hippie dress, throw my hair up into a top knot, scrape the makeup off of my face, and then plop myself onto the couch to relax. Whilst looking like a she-beast, I tend to reach for a glass of milk to eat with a stack of cookies or I'll pour wine into a mug. I'm not usually one to shake up a fancy cocktail. But in the summer, I'm more inclined to put a little effort into my evening nightcap because the sun's out a little longer and I don't mind hanging out in the kitchen for a few more minutes after dinner.

Martinis always look super sexy but I'm too much of a wimp to drink them. Fruity martinis, on the other hand, tend to be a bit too sweet and toxically artificial. I mean, apple martinis are radioactively green, for goodness sake. However, today's melontini is bright and refreshing and super pretty but the alcohol content won't burn your brows off.
lemon twist
splash vermouth
2 oz. vodka (or gin, if you're a gin martini kind of guy/gal)
4 oz. watermelon juice (which I explained how to make in the inebriated melon post)
melon ball garnish

This is a super easy cocktail to whip up. Start by grabbing a little pitcher and drop in some ice. Take the lemon twist and squeeze it over the ice. Squeezing the lemon rind will release a spray of essential oils.
Add in a splash of vermouth and a good glug of vodka.
Pour in a good amount of watermelon juice and give it a stir. If you're James Bond and you prefer your martinis shaken, not stirred, then you could make this whole thing in a shaker. To be honest, I would've used a shaker except my shaker's lid is currently stuck on the base right now and I have no idea how to get it apart.
Grab a martini glass and pop in the garnish. I think a melon ball makes for an awesome olive/pearl onion substitute.
Pour in the martini and cheers to a well-made drink.
This melontini is so easy to make that it feels like it shouldn't look this sexy. But, it does, and it's awesome. I like sipping it whilst watching some trashy television in my at-home-lazy-garb because that's how cool I am. It's fresh and sweet and summery and makes for a perfect nightcap but honestly, I think this would also make an awesome brunch cocktail. And it would be super easy to make a big batch.


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