What I Ate: White Wine Chicken

The meal I'm sharing today seems kind of inappropriate considering it's sweltering hot today. However, the weather's been really wacky this season, fluctuating from 50F to 90F within a week, and this was made during one of the temperature lows. That being said, this is the type of weather that makes everyone sick (including my dog who seems to have a case of kennel cough and was hacking all weekend) in which case this meal would be super comforting, even on a warm day.

We still have a few bottles of unopened wine leftover from our family Christmas party. It's not stuff I would normally drink - I'm more of a beer gal and when it comes to wine, I like it sweet and fruity - so I've been cooking with it.
I recently popped a bottle of Chardonnay and it's been splashed into several dinners. The first dinner was this awesome one pot chicken.
This dish is v. similar to my lemon thyme chicken and wild rice except I used rosemary instead of thyme and white rice (because that's all we had) and lots of delicious wine.
After browning four bone-in chicken thighs, I threw a good amount of onion and garlic into the rendered fat and sauteed until soft. Then, I stirred in some rice until it was coated in the fat and then I nestled the chicken back into the squishy bed of rice.
For the liquid, I used a little chicken stock and a generous splash of white wine. The chicken was topped with slices of lemon, a sprig of rosemary was tucked in the middle, the lid was popped on, and the whole thing was cooked over a low flame until the rice was fluffy.
The chicken was served alongside a generous pile of haricots-verts.
This was an incredibly bright and savory dinner. It might look a little heavy, but honestly, the lemon and wine gave the dish a citrusy spin and freshness that makes this a perfect springtime dish.