Garden 2015

A few weeks ago, the day after we got back from Italy, my sister and I drove to Home Depot, filled up a cart with lots of greenery, and planted this year's garden.
This year's garden is pretty typical for us with lots of peppers, but we got a couple of fun new plants.

Every year, we pick a flower to plant right in the center of the garden box to attract bees and encourage them to pollinate. This year, we picked a pink dahlia and a bee balm plant. The bee balm plant is supposed to be really good at attracting bees; I'll let you know if it works.
We planted five different pepper plants - jalapeno, giant jalapeno, yellow cayenne, serrano, and yellow bell - as well as some sweet basil, Thai basil, oregano, pickling cucumbers, and brussels sprouts. The kale we had planted last year made it through the winter so that little dude is sticking around this year too.
We also bought a little lemon tree and a fig tree! I'm excited to see if they actually produce. Both are supposed to work well as houseplants in the winter so we potted them and when it gets cold, we'll bring them inside.
We also bought a bunch of bulb plants when we were in Italy so we planted a few in these rectangular pots and a few in the front of our house.
I love documenting my garden every year. I'm especially excited for the dahlias to get nice and big so I can pop them in a vase.


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