What I Ate: Angel Hair Pasta

We had a supremely delicious seafood pasta in Italy that I was keen on recreating at home. I wanted to give the pasta part some practice (to get the ratio of herbs and spices right) so I tried jazzing up a really simple batch of angel hair pasta.
When I make this with seafood, I'll omit the parmesan (because Italians frown upon the combination of seafood and cheese) but I think I have the base recipe down. I can't wait to make the seafood version.

I started by cooking a portion of angel hair pasta in salted boiling water.
Sliced garlic, chopped oregano, and crushed red pepper flakes were tossed into fruity olive oil and the pot was left to sizzle for a few minutes to allow the oil to become infused.
A squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of wine were the last two ingredients to go in before the slightly-less-than-al-dente pasta was added to the pot.
A little butter and cheese were the final touches before the pasta was plated and devoured.