What I Ate: Crab Jjigae

I know I've been doing a lot of 'What I Ate' posts all week, but that's because these are all of the meals I had when I got back from being on the road and I was seeking comfort meals and not super excited to make new stuff to blog.
Besides, how could I resist making a super delicious crab jjigae when I found super fresh crab at the seafood market?

This was so good that we devoured the whole friggin' thing. Usually when I make a pot of jjigae this big, there's always enough leftover for a second meal but not this time. I'm sure it helped that my sister and I hadn't eaten since breakfast (and this was dinner made about 7 hours later) but it's also because the jjigae was really delicious. The crab was so yummy and the red snapper was super tender and flavorful.


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