What I Ate: Linguine Carbonara

Carbonara always hits the spot. It's so decadent.
{onions & garlic. parsley. cheese & black pepper}
{added eggs and mixed them in with the cheese}
{salted the water}
{boiled the pasta}
{cooked onions and garlic in the pancetta fat and a little butter}
{saved a little of the pasta cooking water}
{added a bit of the reserved pasta water to the eggs & cheese}
{drained pasta}
{added noodles to the pan and tossed. then added the eggy cheese mixture}
{toss. toss. toss}
{add in the pancetta}
{toss. toss. toss}
{add in the parsley. toss}
{swirled a serving on my plate}
BURP. Excuse me.


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