What I Ate: Balsamic Braised Chicken

I don't have an actual recipe post for this balsamic braised chicken recipe because I was just experimenting but I took a bunch of photos of the process so I'm sharing. I didn't really know where I was going with this meal so I just grabbed a bunch of ingredients and threw something together. Maybe it'll inspire you.
{seared some chicken wings}
{removed the chicken from the pan and cooked a bit of pancetta, onions, garlic, and oyster mushrooms}
{once the mushrooms were soft, I added in some thyme}
{thyme is delicious with chicken}
{I put the chicken back in the pan}
{poured in some stock}
{gave it a stir}
{added some crushed red pepper flakes and balsamic vinegar}
{and I let it simmer until the chicken was falling off the bones}
{looks super rustic... which is another word for messy}
{took the chicken out and let the leftover stock reduce to create a lovely sauce}
{doesn't that look amazing?}
{served it up in a huge bowl with the sauce slathered all over the top}


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