My Garden 2013

I had been thinking about and planning what to plant in my garden since February and once spring hit, I was rearing and ready to go but the weather just would not cooperate. We'd have spurts of warmth but then it would get cold again for a few days so I was really hesitant to plant anything. Finally, a couple weekends ago, I felt comfortable enough to start planting.

I went to Home Depot and bought a bunch of awesome vegetables and fruits and herbs and bought a few cheap but useful gardening supplies from Christmas Tree Shops and also popped into Michaels for some supplies to DIY my own garden markers. You can see a photo diary of how I made my garden markers on my travels blog.
So I bought all of these amazing plants from Home Depot. The smaller potted plants (like the peppers) were $3 each and the larger pots (like the herbs) were $3.50 each. I also bought a few flowers to plant in my garden to attract bees and butterflies and other pollinators.
I bought some pink work gloves, a pink foam board for kneeling on, and a pretty green watering can from Christmas Tree Shops. The trowel is old - it's probably from Home Depot.
My garden box was prepped with a weed liner on the bottom (you could use newspaper too) and then lots of really good topsoil. The weed liner will obviously prevent weeds but it will also help prevent rabbits and other burrowing animals from trying to dig through the bottom.
My cruddy old heart-printed Vans became my gardening shoes. And this foamy kneeling board was a godsend. It made it so easy and comfortable to crouch and garden for hours.
I arranged the plants before I started actually sticking them in the ground to make sure they'd have enough room to grow. I stuck the tomatoes, cucumbers, and watermelon on the edge of my garden box so they could grow over the edge and have enough room to spread, since these will grow quite big.
Once everything was planted, I went and grabbed my DIY markers and stuck them in their appropriate spots.
I can't wait to watch this garden grow! There's something about growing your own food that's really rewarding.
And of course, I gave my babies plenty of fresh water.
In my front yard, I have a few random plants growing all over the place. I wanted to share them too.

We have spearmint, which is amazing for summer drinks and mojitos and garnishing fruit salads but it grows insanely quickly and spreads like wildfire so I last year, I planted this stuff in a secluded area in the front of my house, away from my backyard garden.
This year, I found some chocolate mint, which smells so good! It seriously smells chocolatey. I planted this in the front too, near the spearmint, because I assumed this stuff could also spread like crazy.
I also have these random strawberry plants in the front too. They pop up every year and it's always exciting.
There are also these amazing tulips (that I planted in high school).
And hydrangeas, which are one of my favorites.
And I will leave you with an artsy shot of some pink flowers because I want to.
I'll do my best to keep you updated on the garden.



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