Kimbap is kind of like Korean sushi. It's a roll made with rice, laver (seaweed), and various other ingredients. It's a really flexible dish that can be made using whatever you have in the house. But here's how I made it.

[Serves 4]

4 to 5 cups of steamed white rice
1 tablespoon vinegar - either apple cider or rice wine are preferable
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon sesame seeds

8 to 10 pieces of laver (roasted seaweed)

3 pieces of odeng (fishcake) or you could use spam or ground beef or any other protein you like
1 bunch of spinach, blanched
1 chunk of danmooji (Korean pickled radish), cut into strips
1 carrot, julienned
3 eggs + 3 tablespoons of cream (milk or water are also acceptable)

I mixed the rice with the vinegar, sugar, and sesame oil while the rice was still warm (otherwise it'll be harder to mix). You don't necessarily have to flavor the rice but it's definitely yummier that way.

Next, I got all of the fillings ready. Cut up the pickled radish into strips.
I used a mandolin to cut up the carrot and cooked it in a bit of oil.
I washed the spinach really well (to wash out all of the sand) and then blanched the leaves. (Blanching pretty much means dipping something in boiling water for less than minute). I shocked the spinach in ice water and then squeezed them to get all of the water out.
I cooked the fishcake in a pan, just long enough to brown the pieces.
I cooked each egg on its own in a small frying pan. It was one egg and one tablespoon of cream scrambled up and made into little omelets.
I cut the fishcake and egg into strips once they were both cool enough to handle.
Then I made the rolls.
First I put the rice on the laver and then layered on the vegetables before rolling up and slicing the roll into pieces.

By the way, my family always makes kimchi soup to eat with our kimbap. It just isn't the same without it!

It's really easy. You can start with 6 cups of stock (I make my own using oxtails) and then add in 2 cups of chopped up cabbage kimchi, bring to a boil and cook for 10 minutes (until the kimchi is cooked and soft) and then toss in 2 cups of bean sprouts just before serving.
Enjoy :)