What I Ate: Hodduk

{making the dough}

{filling the dough}
{note the variation in filling: nutella!}
{frying them in butter}
{looking delicious}
{eat it a la mode for bonus points - and bonus calories}
{baby sister is sad because there's none left!}


  1. I recently found your website and I'm super excited about all the recipes I'm going to try! I'm not Korean but studied there ages ago. Seeing all these yummy recipes is making me miss it! Just curious- I noticed some of your post (like this one) are "what I ate" so does that mean you do not have recipes for these ones? These above look really yummy and I'd love to try and make it :)

    1. Hi!

      I do have a recipe for hodduk - http://racheerachheats.blogspot.com/2012/03/hodduk-korean-sweet-pancakes.html - most of the time in my 'What I Ate' posts I have links to the original recipes. Just look for the pink font!

      Thanks for reading! :):)

    2. ohh snap...now I see what you mean about the pink font! Sorry about that ;;

    3. No worries! If anything, I should apologize because a lot of my older posts are kind of grungy and a bit difficult to follow (I hadn't found my groove yet). Hope you enjoy the hodduk!


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