I feel like it's presumptuous of me to assume that there are people in the world who read my blog on a regular basis. But, sometimes I like to be optimistic and I'm inclined to think that yes, there are people who find my blog enjoyable and read it somewhat regularly (be it daily or at least once a week). That being said, those regular readers may have noticed that I've started to slack a bit in the amount of posting I'm doing. I had a pretty good run of posting every weekday for more than a year (I had 257 posts in 2012!) but lately, I've been skipping days here and there and at first I felt like a slacker, but I've had a bit of a revelation.
I blog because I find it enjoyable. But these days, I'm so busy with my full-time job and creating content for my travel blog and I recently started a lifestyle blog with my favorite friend and I don't want this blog, or any of my blogs, to end up feeling like something I have to do. So lately, I've just been snapping photos here and there as I make dinner and manipulating the few photos that are usable into posts. Hopefully, as the warm weather arrives, I'll be in a refreshed mood with lots of new and interesting content. I did buy some paper straws in the autumn that I'm excited to use for spring cocktails and lemonade, so you guys will have that to look forward to.

And if you're wondering why I stuck in this giant photo of my dog laughing, it's because it makes me smile and I'm hoping it'll make you smile too.



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