Lunch at Bergdorf Goodman's

On Sunday, I met up with my favorite friend, D, in the city to shop and eat and enjoy each other's company. We had planned on getting high tea at Bergdorf's but once we got there, we realized we were too hungry to only eat finger sandwiches so we ended up getting lunch. Plus, it was hard not to ask for a lunch menu when so many people around us were having these amazing looking dishes.

Here's a shot of the restaurant (and the dirty table beside us). The restaurant is located on the 7th floor and the giant windows not only let in lots of lovely natural light (which is great for food photography) but they also overlook Central Park.
Here's just a shot of the lovely tea cup, which we didn't end up using, as we abandoned our high tea plans, but I took a photo anyway. I love the gold detailing.

And here's a shot of the adorable salt and pepper shakers. The pepper came in a grinder, which I really appreciated because I really love fresh cracked pepper. The already ground stuff loses so much of its spice and flavor, it's not even worth shaking onto my food.
Our server was kind enough to offer to take a photo of us. I love the background - the green is so pretty and soothing and the walls, if you look closely are painted (or maybe printed?) with trees and birds.
So for some reason, I'd decided I really wanted lobster and D actually ended up getting a lobster dish as well. See? That's why we're such good friends - our stomachs are always in sync. There were three different lobster dishes to choose from: the lobster salad, the lobster napoleon, and the lobster salad sandwich. It was a seriously decadent lunch menu.
Of course we had to ask for a bread basket. The flatbread was crispy and delicious, the rosemary and olive rolls were chewy and flavorful, and the oat-grain rolls were nice and hearty.
So this is D's dish. She had the lobster salad sandwich. The sandwich was served on grilled sourdough with lemon basil mayonnaise and bibb lettuce and on the side they piled a bunch of mixed baby greens and a fingerling potato and sweet potato salad.
I opted for the lobster salad. A generous portion of lobster was placed on top of avocado, roasted red onions, celery, and grape tomatoes and all of that was topped with lightly dressed artisanal greens. These were the same greens piled on D's plate and we both agreed they were amazing. I'm not 100% sure what was in the mixture but there was definitely some mint in there which was an unexpected but delicious treat.
I'll finish off this post with a shot of me being a pig. I was so excited about eating my food that I didn't even notice that D was snapping a photo.


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