Dduk Guk

So I'm posting this kind of late - like I should have been more organized and posted a dduk guk recipe BEFORE new year's day so that you could make it on new years BUT the thing is, I made this on new years myself so it's not like I was able to go back in time and post this before that. Dduk guk (떡국) if you don't know, is a beef-based soup with rice cakes and it's traditionally eaten by Koreans on New Years Day.

This isn't a photo diary-style post because it was new years day and I wanted to cook in a relaxed environment and at my leisure but I do have a recipe page at the bottom so just use that! And obviously, no one is limited to eating dduk guk on New Years only (not like the way that whole roasted turkey is reserved just for Thanksgiving, at least at my house), so make this today or make it tomorrow and enjoy it.

We actually made dduk mandu guk, using the kimchi mandu we made on Christmas Day and it was amazing.


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