Kimchi Mandu

I've got an updated step-by-step kimchi mandu post, if you're interested!

In January, I posted about mandu, Korean dumplings. Today, I'm sharing a recipe page for kimchi mandu. On Christmas, my sister and I sat down and made a huge batch of kimchi dumplings to prepare for New Year's Day, when Korean people eat dduk guk - rice cake soup, except we like dduk mandu guk (dduk guk with dumplings). And in our house, buying mandu is not allowed! We have to make our own.

So here's a shot of the filling.
And here's a shot of me making some mandu.

Here are a few completed ones. The rest were placed on a tray and put in the freezer for 3 to 4 hours and then dumped into a zip-top bag and back into the freezer for future consumption.
And here are the ones we fried up so we could "taste test" them.
Here's the recipe page, which differs every so slightly from last year's recipe (besides the addition of kimchi and tofu) because it doesn't contain egg: