Thanksgiving Preparedness

This year, my sister and I were really gunning for a low-key Thanksgiving. So low-key, in fact, that I'm taking a wee break from blogging this week (i.e. this will be my only post this week) so that I can concentrate on all the yumminess of Thanksgiving with even fewer responsibilities than usual. The past few years have been somewhat hectic with several family members coming over and we kind of wanted to be able to lounge around in our sweatpants, shoveling turkey down our gullets with Netflix on in the background.

I think we're set to do just that and I think we just have a small handful of relatives coming over this year. The only downside of not having a huge party of people over for Thanksgiving is that we can't have as massive of a feast as we usually do since we'd never be able to even make a dent in the pile of food. So, we're being really selective with the dishes that will make up our meal.

Along with an amazing turkey (that is currently brining and will be brining for at least 96 hours), we'll be having a selection of carefully chosen side dishes. Here's what I'm currently thinking (but subject to change based on mood swings, ingredient availability, and laziness):

GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE - it's a vegetable dish so rich, you don't even realize it's vegetables.
PASTRY-BAKED BRIE - a perfect dish to snack on whilst cooking!
ARUGULA SALAD - bright and fresh
ACCORDION POTATOES - a fun alternative to mashed potatoes
CLASSIC STUFFING - we're really embracing the lazy thing and using a bagged stuffing mix this year (but definitely adding in yummy chorizo and celery and onion).
ROASTED BRUSSELS SPROUTS - my sister would freak if we didn't make these.
CRANBERRY SAUCE - we actually really love the canned cranberry sauce (and that's what we served last year) but I think we're going with the fresh stuff this year.
ULTRA LOADED CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - and then for dessert, something super decadent but also really easy. Or, I might have a go at making some sticky toffee pudding (which is a recent obsession after our return from Grand Cayman).
I cannot wait to pig out!