What I Ate: Ultra Loaded Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've been called "crazy" on multiple occasions by friends and acquaintances who apparently think I'm insane for maintaining two blogs and for doing what I do to generate content for these blogs. I'm sure they mean it in a complimentary way but I don't think it's crazy; I think it's fun. I mean, I think it's crazy to run 26.2 miles but tons of people do it anyway, right? I enjoy cooking and crafting and traveling. That's what I like to spend my money on. To each her own, huh?

Well, that's what today's cookies are all about: being crazy and making things your own. It's another loaded chocolate chip cookie except this time, it's got so much more stuff in it. It's also kind of a sad day because it's my last full day in Italy. I fly home tomorrow, which is bad news for me but good news for this blog because I'm going to have lots of delicious meals to share.
Start with the 'best chocolate chip cookies ever' base and add in whatever the hell you want.

For this particular batch of cookies, I decided to go all out. I started with some mini semi-sweet chocolate chips.
Then, I went for some big dark chocolate chips. I love the 60% cacao chips (by Ghiradelli) because they're super rich and chocolaty but they're not overly sweet.
I also added in some rainbow sprinkles.
And some chopped up mini Twix bars, which bring caramel, chocolate, and crunchy cookie to the mix.
I also threw in some chopped up marshmallows and a big handful of shredded coconut.
The majority of the cookies were scooped out onto a parchment-lined sheet, sprinkled with fleur de sel, frozen, and then packed into a zip-top baggie for future consumption.
But, I didn't freeze all of them. Four lucky little cuties were baked off for immediate consumption. They were whisked into a 375F oven (instead of 350F so they'd caramelize a bit more) and baked for 12 minutes.
They smelled freaking amazing and tasted freaking amazing.
See you soon, America.