Thanksgiving Recipes: Turkey

Greetings from Puerto Rico! I'm here on holiday with a few friends, soaking up sun and fun. But I do have a bunch of schedule posts for the next few days. To continue with the Thanksgiving recipe theme, today, I'll share how I make my turkey.

We usually only have 5 or 6 people gathering at our house for Thanksgiving so we have the luxury of buying a small turkey. I say luxury because smaller turkeys take less time to cook and they're usually more moist and delicious. We usually brine our turkey (using Alton Brown's turkey brine recipe) and then give it a little massage and herb treatment before we shove it in the oven. The turkey is the most iconic part of Thanksgiving so it's important not to mess it up. And a guaranteed way to make sure it's moist is to brine it at least 1 day ahead of time and to make sure you use plenty of seasoning before roasting it.

Putting a bunch of aromatics in the bird's cavity help get rid of any gamey flavors and makes your house smell amazing.


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