Loaded Avocado Toast

I try not to get sucked into super trendy foods because it's annoying but as made obvious by my food blog, I've totally jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon, which led to me jumping on the chia seed bandwagon, and I'm totally into kale.

Avocado toast is one of those things that cool people love to Instagram (and subsequently eat, hopefully) and I was never that impressed. I love avocado but I didn't really see anything that novel about smashing it onto bread. However, I've always loved eating it on sandwiches and it always makes the presentation of any food a bit prettier.

So, I thought I'd make my own avocado toast spin and just make a really intense breakfast sandwich loaded with several delicious ingredients in addition to avocado.
I don't have a recipe post for this avo toast because it's pretty straightforward and I honestly think you should just personalize it with whatever you have in your fridge.

I started by crisping up some bacon in my new favorite mini cast iron pan.
I scooped out the excess grease into my little jar of bacon grease and then cracked an egg into the bacon fat.
While the eggs were getting crispy, I cut up some thick slices of sourdough.
And I cut up a few slices of habanero cheddar.
I also cut up some baby tomatoes, tore the leaves off some cilantro stalks, and sliced up half an avocado.
To assemble each loaded open-faced sandwich, I toasted the bread in a little butter, using the same bacon greased-up pan.
Then, I laid on a few slices of cheese and popped on a little lid to help the cheese melt.
Then, I nestled on the egg and bacon and brought the toast to my serving board.
Each toast was topped with avocado slices, tomato slices, and generously sprinkled with truffle salt and black pepper.
The cilantro leaves were the final touch and then I was ready to dig in. Is that not the most powerful breakfast ever?
The best eye candy when eating a savory meal is a dripping golden egg yolk.
This is probably my new favorite breakfast; I think I say that every time I share a new breakfast dish. But honestly, you can easily represent all of the food groups. There's delicious and toasty but still fluffy bread, crispy egg, crispy bacon, bright and sweet tomatoes, punchy cilantro, fragrant truffle salt, spicy black pepper, and of course, super smooth and creamy avocado.