What I Ate: Truffle Mushroom Cheeseburgers

It's probably quite obvious that I've been on a major burger kick lately. Unfortunately for you (or fortunately if you are a burger lover), I discovered that Trader Joe's sells a truffle cheese and I had to make a truffle burger.
I'm sorry, my truffle obsession is pretty annoying, right? Chef Gordon Ramsay would probably slap me.

I made a batch of hamburger buns.
For the patties, I used my basic burger mix.
This is the cheese that caused this meal:
This massive, beautiful burger is so delicious. There is just enough truffle flavor from the truffle salt and truffle cheese to satisfy my truffle-loving palate. The beef patty is thick and juicy and tender and the homemade bun is toasty and gorgeous. My stomach is growling just thinking about this burger... and I just ate! That's how delicious it is!
It's not a good burger unless you can barely fit your hands around it.


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