Gingerbread Cocktail: The Tipsy Gingerbread Man

As I've emphasized over and over again, I'm not the biggest drinker these days. I enjoy a beer here and there, but I think I can safely say that my partying days are far behind me. However, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a nice cocktail at home every now and again. And one thing I love to experiment with, is making a delicious cocktail that doesn't have that nasty kick of alcohol.

Today's cocktail is just like that. It's mild, sweet, super girly, and so holiday appropriate. Might I suggest serving these at your Christmas party this year? Or you know, just make one for yourself while you curl up next to the fire with a good book. Whatever floats your boat.

At first, my creative juices were totally dried up because I said, "Okay, I'll just call this a gingerbread cocktail." But then, I panicked with the thought that I was being totally lame and I decided I really needed to come up with a cute name for this cocktail. Thus, "the tipsy gingerbread man" was born. I also considered writing the whole blogposht in drunky shpeech like thish but I thought that would lose its fun rather quickly. Yeah, you're welcome. I've spared you from a lot of weirdness.
Ingredients [for one]:
2 oz. Rumchata
2 oz. milk
+ whipped cream
+ chocolate syrup
+ cinnamon
+ cinnamon stick
This will likely be one of the easiest cocktails you've ever whipped up. The list of ingredients might seem rather long, but it's mostly garnishes, which are totally optional. Otherwise, the cocktail is just three ingredients and you just have to mix them together. There's no muddling or squeezing or shaking over ice. None of that nonsense. Just a spoon is all you need.

By the way, for a party, I would recommend making a giant pitcher of the cocktail base and then laying all the toppings out for everyone. I think that would be adorable.
Okay, so to make this cocktail, just add some Rumchata to a glass of milk along with a good glug of gingerbread syrup.
Give it a good stir. And, if you wanted to stop there, you totally could. The cocktail is fabulous as is.
However, I think it's fun to add a big dollop of whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a swirl of chocolate syrup, and top it off with a baby-sized cinnamon stick and a gingerbread cookie.
Oh, and if you have a cute little stripey straw, then shove one of those into the glass too.
Cheers! This is a delicious dessert cocktail. The Rumchata has cinnamony, almondy notes that really complement the gingerbread flavor. And I mean, who doesn't like the combination of milk and cookies? This is seriously a winner. It's not exactly a low-cal drink, but I'd rather take the calories than force myself to sit and not enjoy a dull vodka soda. You know what I mean? I'm saying that the calories are worth it because this drink is sho duhlishush. Shorry, maybe I'b hab one choo menny.