Boozy Candied Cranberry

Tis the season!... For sharing a Christmassy themed cocktail! As is typical of my cocktail recipes, this one is super sweet and delicious and incredibly easy to whip up. It's awesome because it's low-key, meaning everyone can assemble their own drinks so it's perfect for serving at parties. And, it's really festive and pretty! Every guest at your party will be Instagramming their libations, I promise.

So this cocktail, as the name might suggest, uses the candied cranberries I shared yesterday. It's a sparkling wine-based drink that's sweetened with the syrup from candying the cranberries and then it's decorated with the candied cranberries themselves. It's super cute. You're going to love it.
Ingredients [for one]:
1 tablespoon candied cranberry syrup
squeeze orange juice
candied cranberries (just a few to float around the drink)
4 to 6 oz. sparkling wine (moscato, champagne, prosecco, or whatever you like)
*garnish: orange wedge and candied cranberries

It's seriously the simplest cocktail ever. The most difficult part is maybe making the garnish. You just need a little orange wedge, a few candied cranberries, and a toothpick. Wedge two or three cranberries onto the toothpick and then shove it into the orange.
To make the cocktail, add a little syrup and orange juice to the bottom of the glass. Pop in a few berries and then top off with the wine. Give it the briefest stir (so as not to dissipate all of the carbonation) and then slap on the garnish.
Clink your glasses, cheers, and down the hatch she goes! It's light, crisp, fruity, and ever so slightly tart from the orange juice. And, the bursts of delicious sweetness from the cranberries are a welcome surprise.
I swear, you might as well be drinking juice. So, if you're not a sweet cocktail guy or gal, then this one's not for you. But, if you're really cool like me and you only like delicious cocktails, then you will really like this one.


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