Arugula, Tomato, and Burrata Salad

Have you ever had burrata? It's so delicious. It's a fluffy mass of creamy, milky curds encased in fresh mozzarella. Sounds delicious, right? 100% of my experiences with burrata were in restaurants until recently. I was picking up a prescription at the grocery store (in the pharma section, duh) and afterwards, I decided to take a wander through the cheese section to see if they had Mexican crema. I couldn't find any crema but I did find out that my grocery now stocks burrata. Hurrata! I mean, hurrah!
I don't have a specific recipe to share. It's more of an assembly.

We often buy giant containers of baby heirloom tomatoes because they're delicious but they're also crazy beautiful. I love the varied colors and sizes and shapes, especially when they're being presented in a salad.
To assemble the salad, I just fluffed up a bunch of gorgeous baby arugula in a bowl.
Then, I added the tomatoes to the bowl.
And then I plopped on this babe of a hunk of cheese.
To dress the salad, I grabbed some lovely meyer lemon olive oil and gave the salad a generous drizzle.
And then, I gave the whole thing a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper.
Now, I could've brought the salad to the table like this, but I didn't want there to be any confusion as to what that huge hunky white ball was so I decided to poke it and tear it apart.
This sight made me so friggin' happy.
I gave the cheese another generous shower of meyer lemon olive oil.
And another few grinds of the pepper mill for a little more flavor.
This yummy, vibrant salad was set on the table next to a bowl of herby, buttery potatoes, crisp brussels sprouts (roasted on the grill instead of the oven), and grilled porterhouse steak.
I think the salad had some good competition but it was the star of the table. The arugula has such delicious peppery bitterness, the tomatoes are sweet, the burrata is so creamy and chewy and yummy. If I didn't have meyer lemon olive oil, I would've used plain old extra virgin (something really fruity and amazing) and sprinkled on some lemon zest and a gentle squeeze of juice. The lemon adds this burst of freshness and really complements the cheese.
I don't have a recipe page because this is such a friggin' simple (yet still incredibly delicious) salad and I think you can get the gist from my photo diary, right?