What I Ate: Ramen

Fridays make me so happy. You know what else makes me happy? Korean ramen makes me so happy. I don't know what it is exactly but it's one of my favorite things ever. Maybe it's the fact that it's noodly and spicy - two things I love. Maybe it's the fact that it cooks up in 5 minutes. Or maybe it's the fact that as a kid, my mom only let us eat it as a treat, never on the regular, so it's got that "forbidden" factor to it. I'm a rebel and I like doing things that aren't allowed; what can I say?

Even though a bowl of plain ol' spicy Korean ramen is already really, really, really good, it can get so much better. I love digging through my fridge, looking for bits and bobs that I can chuck into the pot. And whether it's a sliced up grilled hot dog, shredded meat off of a half-eaten rotisserie chicken, yummy soup vegetables (like zucchini and cabbage), or even the leftover bone from last night's steak, there are a kitchen sink's worth of ingredients that would be delicious in ramen. Some people like a slice of American cheese slapped on top of their ramen too.

Don't be afraid to experiment. And here's a pro tip: undercook the noodles because they'll continue to soften in the hot pot.


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