Thanksgiving Planning 2012

Yeah, so we're only two days into November BUT, my sister and I have already started planning our Thanksgiving menu. In fact, she put together a document on google docs for us to edit together more than 2 weeks ago. Around this time of year, we both get really excited to cook AND eat.

I already know that I want to make a pumpkin bread pudding for dessert and I'm dreaming up a few macaron flavors that will exude a Thanksgiving theme - not anything weird like gravy macarons or green bean casserole macarons but maybe something like cranberry or sweet potato? I'm not sure yet and that's why we like to start brainstorming early. It gives us a chance to incorporate a decent number of dishes, schedule certain things that can be done ahead of time, and make sure there's a good balance of carbs, veggies, and protein. We also make sure to plan on making a few special libations - cranberry sangria anyone? - and homemade decorations.

'Tis the season, people. It's here.


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