What I Ate: Thai Food

In the summer, my food cravings are much more reasonable; I usually get spurts of really wanting watermelon, salads, and ice cream. In the winter, because I want comfort in the form of food, I tend to crave more elaborate dishes, like spicy chili or apple cider donuts. Basically, I just want foods that take a while to prepare and require a trip to the grocery store.

On this particularly chilly Saturday, I was in the mood for Thai food. So, during our weekly grocery trip, we stocked up on the necessary ingredients to whip up a yummy Thai meal.
I made Thai green curry with salmon, coconut & lemongrass soup, and drunken noodles.

Honestly, as much as I love Thai takeout, I love making it at home so much more. For one, I can control the amount of oil and sodium I use (I tend to find takeout to be quite greasy and salty) and secondly, I can up the spice level to the perfect intensity.
Plus, it's nice to be able to stay in my pajamas all day, cook, and then eat versus putting on something kind of presentable to go to pick up my meal.