What I Ate: Barbecue Chicken Casserole

I bought my cast iron skillet earlier this year and I have been in love with it. I've mostly been using it for salsa chicken. But recently, when we didn't have any salsa in the pantry, I grabbed a bottle of honey barbecue sauce instead and it yielded a really delicious alternative. I also tossed in some frozen corn and chopped tomatoes for a bit more sustenance. And, instead of plain rice, I made a batch of coconut peas & rice.
This made an amazing midweek dinner because it was so simple to slap together. On top of that, it was warm and comforting and a perfect wintertime meal.

Basically, you brown some chicken thighs, pour in some barbecue sauce, let it cook through, and then shred the chicken with two forks. After that, the variations are up to you. I added in some tomato chunks and frozen corn. Once the tomatoes break down and you're ready to serve, sprinkle in some cheese and let it melt.
I love the combination of the barbecue sauce and the cheese; I always love sweet and savory combinations. And, because we always need a vegetable, I melted some grated cheese onto a big pile of broccoli. This was a delicious meal and this technique of cooking chicken thighs in some sort of flavorful saucy liquid is so fun. I foresee more variations being featured here in the future.