What I Ate: Fig & Chorizo Pizza with Apple Honey

So for Christmas, the kitchen got a new stand mixer. I'd been debating buying one for years because they're expensive and I feel like I can definitely get by without it. However, the whisk attachment on our hand mixer keeps losing wires and Black Friday yielded great sales so I bit the bullet and threw $250 at a new Kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer.

The day we went to pick up the mixer (I did 'ship to store') we also stopped by Christmas Tree Shops to pick up a tree topper and found a pizza stone for $10. So, that weekend, we decided to christen both the mixer and the stone by making pizza.
I love our little mixer. I don't really know why we didn't bite the bullet earlier because it's been so handy. I mean, sometimes I love to knead dough, but doing it by hand takes a long time.

I used my regular pizza dough recipe (though, if I had been scrapped for time, I would've used my quick dough recipe).
How gorgeous is that? The sauce is just a simple mix of canned tomato sauce, minced garlic, crushed pepper flakes, and salt. For the cheese, we used a combination of fontina and gruyere. The chorizo was precooked to get crisp and lightly charred. The onions were slightly caramelized. The figs were sliced to reveal their beautiful crimson interiors. Crushed red pepper flakes were sprinkled all over and then, the whole thing was slid off the cutting board, onto a hot pizza stone, and baked at 400F for about 10 minutes, until the crust was golden and the cheese was bubbling.
To finish the pizza off with a little extra something, I lightly drizzled the whole thing with apple honey.
We still have chorizo in the fridge so next time figs are available for purchase, I am making this pizza again.