What I Ate: Burgers

I think traditionally, Memorial Day weekend is when everyone pulls the covers off of their grills (and pools) and with Memorial Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share an amazing burger I made a little while ago (re: little while = two months). Considering I was grilling well into October last year (thanks to our kitchen renovation madness) I don't think there's a right or wrong time to grill, especially if you're whipping up delicious burgers, so if you happen to read this post in February and you want to fire up the grill, I think you should. Um, so I didn't technically grill these burgers in the great outdoors but I did drag out my heavy cast iron grill pan, which managed to give the patties those telltale delicious charred grill marks. And that's definitely something you can do all year round.

To make this an even more delicious burger meal, I whipped up a batch of homemade burger buns. I tend to think that the beef patty is what really makes a burger crazy delicious but homemade buns can make a big difference. We also had some corn on the cob generously slathered in the poaching butter that was leftover from butter poached lobster, a delicious salad, kettle cooked chips, and samoas for dessert. Summer, I am so ready for you.
I used my basic burger mix for these babies.

Okay, so I know I made a big deal about corn in the husk in my corn on the cob post but guess what? My grocery store doesn't always have corn in the husk. These burgers were actually made two weekends prior to the weekend that I grilled that corn on the cob so my grocery store wasn't selling the good stuff just yet. So I'm sorry! But like I mentioned in that post, when you can't get your hands on the husky stuff, you can use a bit of aluminum foil.
I piled the burgers with stinky aged gruyere (yum), sautéed mushrooms and onions, and crispy thick-sliced bacon.
And what burger meal is complete without crunchy dill pickles and some sort of fried potato product? In this case, we went for sour cream & onion kettle cooked chips. I love the extra crunchy aspect of kettle cooked chips. Oh, and there's a small pile of salad in there because I'm so healthy and I'm always watching my figure (expand).