Garden Update 1

I'm v. happy today for two reasons. One: I'm flying home (I'm hopping on a plane in just a few minutes) and two: once I get home, I get to pack up to head to France on holiday. Whoo! Actually, I'm happy for three reasons. My sister took some photos of our garden for me last weekend so I could blog.

I haven't been home in a few weeks but from what I've seen on my weather app, there's been a chill and plenty of rain passing through my town. Our tomato plant's looking a little wilted but the peas have sprouted, which is awesome, and the other plants seem to be doing all right. The poblano peppers we planted haven't popped up yet - I'm wondering if I did a bad job planting them - but I've got hope.

Every year, I choose a different colorful flower to plant right in the center of the garden to encourage bees to come by. I want bees to thrive but I also want them to hang out and pollinate. This year, I got these English daisies. They were looking a little limp when I left but they've bounced back and they look amazing now! I love them; I think they look so cute and poofy.
Like I said, the tomato plant looks so sad but I have faith that it will bounce back and look great.
The cucumbers are starting to look pretty good too. They were teeny tiny when we first planted them and they've grown a lot.
Gosh, I love gardening and greenery! The garden is looking fiiiine.