DC Eats, Part 3

Before I get into the meat of this post (pun intended?), I wanted to share a snap I took yesterday. It snowed in North Dakota yesterday and I happened upon some thirsty baby deer drinking from a stream. When I stopped the car to take their photos, they all looked up and stared at me. I don't know if it was out of curiosity or aggression, but I hightailed it out of there just after taking these snaps, not knowing whether they'd try and bite my pigtails off. (Yeah, you have to put your hair in pigtails and throw on some overalls when you're in farm country like this.)
Our last day in DC was somewhat of a half day because we had to catch a bus back home at 5PM. We got up early and had breakfast at La Colombe. It's a brand spankin' new coffee shop in a little alleyway. The space is a converted garage and it's v. cool. The croissants are delicious, the coffee is fair-trade, and there's a decent amount of seating.

We got a ham & cheese croissant, a spinach & cheese croissant, and a pistachio roll, which was like a cinnamon roll except with pistachio. The pastries were decadent and crisp and delicious. The coffee was rich and delicious. I had an iced coffee because I have a hard time drinking hot drinks without burning my tongue.
After breakfast, we hopped on the metro and went to the Natural History Museum. We met up with a friend and her daughter, walked around, and after we parted ways, D and I realized that we were feeling kind of hungry. So, we walked to Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken. We got two pieces of dark meat (plus the girls threw in an extra drumstick for us), Sriracha wings, baked potato salad, an espresso doughnut, and a creme brûlée donut. The chicken was awesome. The breading was crisp and the meat was tender. The Sriracha wings were really good! We expected a saucy wing but instead, the seasonings were fried into the skin and it was really flavorful.

The donuts, what can I say? The dough itself wasn't overly sweet, which I appreciated. The creme brûlée donut had a delicious crunchy sugar crust and a creamy custard filling. The espresso donut had an amazing coffee flavor. If you're ever in DC, I definitely recommend you try Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken! It's a must-go.
So that's it for DC. Just a friendly reminder that I'm headed to France in a few weeks so you can expect some more 'dining out' posts.



  1. you found some awesome hidden spots!! i liked reading your dc posts :) i am now composing a list of places to go when i'm back home in DC!

    1. hi hannah! thanks for reading!! oh my gosh, d and i were little piggies; we ate so much good food in dc.


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