DC Eats, Part 2

Our second morning in DC began with a hearty breakfast at Kafe Bohem. It was a gorgeous, sunshiny day and the coffee shop was just a short walk from where we were staying.
The decor was kitschy with zombie presidents and other zombie-related art. Under any other circumstances, I would've been put off but seeing as we were in DC and in a hipster-ish coffee shop, I was able to forgive and enjoy.

D had eggs with toast and greens and a hot coffee. I had a belgian waffle with strawberries and an iced coffee. The coffee was so on point. It was rich and nutty and delicious. The waffle was crisp and wheaty, which I loved, and the syrup was sweet and molasses-y.
They've also got a second side called 'bistro bohem' that serves more substantial food, if you need more than just coffee and breakfast.
For lunch, we headed into Georgetown and had Luke's Lobster. My CSC camera crapped out halfway into the morning so I had to resort to iPhone photos at Luke's which kind of makes me sad because I feel like the lobster really deserves to be properly photographed but oh well! What can you do? We shared the 'taste of Maine' which came with half a shrimp roll, half a crab roll, half a lobster roll, two crab claws, soda, and chips. We also got a cup of lobster bisque. Everything was delicious but if I had to just choose one thing, I'd pick the lobster roll. It was so good. Plus, the rolls aren't sauced in mayo, which I appreciated because I'm not the biggest fan of mayo. Oh, and the cocktail sauce was crazy delicious. It had the best kick of horseradish without being too overpowering. It was meant for the craw claws but I kept dipping the rolls into it too, it was that yummy.

After Luke's, we walked around Georgetown and then met up with my friend (who I've known since the third grade, whoa!) and had happy hour at Lost Society, which had an awesome rooftop area. And afterwards, D and I headed back 'home' and changed into our dinner outfits and headed to Founding Farmers. D ordered the gnocchi with sausage and I had the skirt steak with chimichurri. The portions were humongous and the service was surprisingly quick, considering the place was a madhouse. For dessert, we had the beignets, which were awesome. Just a word of warning, the beignets take 20 to 25 minutes to prepare so if you know you want to get an order, ask for them before you finish your dinner.
I've got one more DC-related post to share and then I'll be back to regular ol' recipe posts.



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