DC Eats, Part 1

Hello! I'm in North Dakota today. I actually flew in yesterday and everyone's been saying that this place is "the middle of nowhere" and it seriously is. I doubt I'll have anything to share with on the blog but who knows? As my hero Justin Bieber said, "Never say never." FYI, I hate that guy and I was being sarcastic when I referred to him as my hero.

Anyway, as you may already know, I went to DC for a few days just to "get away" for a while with a friend. I'll be sharing activities over on my travel blog if you want to check that out. And obviously, I'm sharing our epicurious adventures over here.

We wandered into DC around 6pm (we traveled via bus) and our tummies were starting to rumble. Unfortunately, our dinner reservation wasn't until 8:45PM (because it was at a popular joint and the reservation times available to us were limited) so we got a "snack" at Ben's Chili Bowl. It was awesome and probably one of the best decision of the weekend. We shared Bill Cosby's favorite (chili dog), a chili cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, cole slaw, and a strawberry milkshake. We had brought a few snacks to munch on while sitting on the bus but junk food doesn't fill you up properly so Ben's totally hit the spot. Obama loves it, Bill Cosby loves it, and I love it. The chili is seasoned nicely, the sausage has that snap, the burger is tender, and the fries are crispy. The milkshake was basically semi-melted ice cream because it was so thick and rich and perfect.

For dinner, we went to the Blue Duck Tavern. It was super fancy and luxe and delicious. We shared the duck, the tuna (which was the special of the day), and wild mushrooms. The duck was super tender and flavorful. The tuna was dusted in truffles (yum) and the pieces were perfectly seared and still rare in the center. I loved the wild mushrooms and I'm pretty sure there were some morels mixed in, which are one of my favorite mushrooms ever. The restaurant is v. elegant and the service is great. I hear the brunch is awesome too.

The portion sizes weren't overly generous, so we were glad to have had our snack at Ben's earlier. However, because the food was so heavy, we were unable to finish it. That's fine though, because we just took a doggy bag home.
So, that's the end of our first meal. We had planned on getting some drinks afterwards but, seeing as we're old farts now, we preferred to go back home and get some shut eye. Are we lame? Nah, we're still cool. Anyway, I've still got more DC food posts - we ate so much delicious stuff in that city - so come back for more, please!



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