Yogurt & Granola

Today's recipe is one of my favorite breakfasts (I can't just choose one favorite breakfast; this is in the top ten), and it makes an awesome afternoon snack and it's also a nice, healthy dessert alternative. It's yogurt and granola with fruit, if you couldn't tell by the photo below.

In college (Ithaca, NY), there was a Mediterranean restaurant in town called Aladdins. They had this "fruit and nut salad" which was essentially a ton of honeydew and cantaloupe (which I'm slightly allergic to and are the un-yummiest, dumbest fruits, in my opinion), a handful of grapes, and maybe one or two strawberries topped with yogurt and honey and a sprinkle of granola and a bunch of walnuts (which I kind of hate). And people would pay $8 for this stuff! A lot of my friends were obsessed with it to a point where I judged them because it was a dish that could easily be made at home.

This recipe is inspired by that one but it's better. Actually, it's infinitely better because it only has stuff I like in it. This is the joy of making stuff yourself; you can put in ingredients that you like and change up the proportions and customize the portion size too.
Ingredients [for one]:
½ cup greek yogurt (flavor of your choice, I like plain or vanilla and my brand of choice is Chobani)
¼ cup granola (preferably homemade!)
½ cup assorted fruit (berries, apple, pear, mango, banana, kiwi, peaches, nectarines, plums, pineapple, pomegranate; whatever is in season and/or whatever you like, even honeydew and cantaloupe)
drizzle of honey (optional)
All you do is layer a blob of yogurt in the bottom of your bowl, sprinkle on a bit of granola, blob on some more yogurt, a bit more granola, dump in the fruit, and then drizzle with honey. That's it! I used raspberries and blueberries but you can use whatever you like and/or have on hand; I gave quite a few suggestions up there in the ingredients list. If it's summertime, you could use frozen fruit to cool you down.
Doesn't this look yummy? It's an amazing breakfast that gets me going and keeps me full for a long time because the Greek yogurt is so filling and there's lots of fiber in the granola. Plus, it's delicious so it feels like I'm eating a treat. The granola is crunchy, the yogurt is tart, the fruit is fresh, the honey is sweet, and the assembly is so quick and simple.
Here's the (pretty unnecessary) recipe page:


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