DIY Bakery Box

I thought I'd share a quick tutorial for making a bakery box. I made one for the donuts I shared yesterday and I made a few more for the other treats I took to friends during the holiday season and I thought it was cute enough to share.
You'll need:
one half of a gift box (the bottom portion is usually plain and undecorated, which I prefer)
straight edge
craft knife

So here is the game plan. The black lines represent the folds and cuts that should already exist in the box and the red lines represent the folds and cuts you will make. You want to measure the lip of your gift box and make a note of it - in my case, it was 2". Then you'll measure the length of the entire gift box. Mark the center. Then, take the lip measurement, divide by 2, and then mark that distance on either side of the center mark. So, since my lip measurement was 2", I marked 1" on either side of the center mark. Does that make sense?
And then what you'll do is cut along the solid red lines, score the dotted red lines, and reassemble the box and glue the tabs. I've marked which tabs should be glued together in the diagram below (like colors go with like colors, duh). The goal is to have a base box with a hinged lid (the hinge is achieved by scoring the box). That's why the bottom has glue on all four corners and the lid only has glue in two spots.
Hopefully these photos help clarify this a bit better.
Here's what the finished product should look like:
You can fill these with cookies, donuts, profiteroles, etc. I like to wipe the inside of the box with a slightly damp paper towel and I also recommend lining the inside of the box with a bit of parchment paper before filling it up, just for hygienic reasons.


  1. This is a great idea! I'm always looking for new ways to present/give baked goods.


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